Apple TV+  |  2020
Legal Web Application 
Meeting the specific needs of Apple's production studio, Apple TV+.
To respect Apple's InfoSec policies, I am limited in the display and discussion of this work publicly and can only write about non-proprietary project/product details.

Producing shows and movies requires close involvement from a number of folks: clearance coordinators and managers, attorneys, administrators, various production crew, and accountants. We designed responsive web applications that met the specific needs of Apple's production studio, Apple TV+.

Workshop Facilitation, Stakeholder Alignment, Product Strategy, UX, UI, Interaction Design, Journey Mapping, Rapid Ideation and more. 
Tools: Sketch, Invision Freehand, Paper 
Not Mine: Screenshot of Apple TV+
Crafting a better experience
A feedback session with one of our users revealed that the ratio of TV shows to movies was different than what our designs had originally accounted for.  
We needed to make a decision: pivot now or release it as-is. 

Though we value iterative design and development, we felt there were far too many risks and negative impacts to the user experience to release as-is. So, we fought for the user and the business by rapidly exploring ways to improve the product. This included sketches, discussions with engineers, and getting buy-in from stakeholders.

This push saved the app from failure. It was all possible because of our understanding of the user journey and a willingness to have some hard conversations to do what was right.
Not Mine: Apple TV+ LOGO

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